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Artists area

If you are an Independent country artist, this is the area of our web site for you. We welcome the submission of music for broadcast to our listeners and although we can't guarantee that we'll broadcast everything, we will guarantee that we listen to all submissions and will contact you regarding potential airplay on both our regularly scheduled radio show on WYN FM in Victoria, Australia and also through our Podcasts and Internet downloads.

All arists are required to be the actual copyright holder of their own music, and sign a release to allow us to air your music. You can download the release, sign it and email it to us at: or include the signed release with your CD submission (we only accept mailed CD submissions received by postal mail).

The release form is a PDF document. If you don't have it already, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the release. Click on the link below to download the FREE Acrobat Reader software.

Fax all Release Forms to us at +613-97421868

Please provide full contact details so that we can get back you regarding your submission. You can mail any CDs to us at:

Slinga's Independent Country
PO Box 4221 MDC,
Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029


NOTE: We do NOT accept emailed MP3 files and if you attempt to email us MP3 files of your music, we will NOT air it. This is a strict policy and doing this will ensure that your music will NOT be aired on our station, unless you have pre-authorized permission to do so by one of our staff. CDs only please.



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